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Our organization KIDCham - Kids Chamber of Crafts and Commerce n.o. started as a small project organized privately for friends and family and our own children. The first events were very small where we rented out the entire gymnastic area for our own children to play and have some fun and sell hand-made products and lemonade. As the event was a great success and more of our frriends wanted to participate, we decided to structuaralize the event and start cooperation with schools, teachers and directors. On 23. of December 2019 our non profit organization was officially registered and the number of cooperation partners raised in a stabile way, including universitis, innovation centre and slovak business agency.

We gained a lot of experience in organizing kids workshops. Both theoretical and practical. We saw in practice what worked and what not, we adapted our approach accordingly. Although in the beginning our aim was to connect academic education with financial education in 3 main areas, that is businesses, real estate and paper assets. During our practical experience we concluded that also some other topics could be added to our centre of attention: for instance mental health, mindfullness and meditation - to deal with ones mind and body, especially emotions.

Since the establishment of the organization, our organization grew in a stabile manner.

In the school year 2022/2023 we tried to expand our project and more than 2000 children participated in our project. From this year we learnt a lot and next year were a bit more careful, as too quick growth did not prove to be the best way forward. So in the year 2023/2024 cca 500 students participated in our project and we financed it through a grant provided by Slovak Business Agency. In the beginning of the year 2024 we moved our organization to a new place - namely to the address Stojarenska 3 where many artists have their ateliers and that is dedicated to innovation, arts and crafts. This place gathers artists and many initiatives such as STROJ - learn more here: KC Stroj - Umelecká komunita v Košiciach

This place has an energy of its own and therefor we needed to adapt once more to get the full usage of the new environment and its benefits. As our organization is built on the community principle and cooperation, we had to find a way for cooperation and connection. So a new idea was born - team building art workshops for companies. We would connect 2 main areas: mindfullness and art/craft and we would invite companies with teams to try out our new services. That way we could introduce the wonderful artists and craftsmen to the business world in a mutually beneficial way. We are always open to cooperation and communication. So please, if you like what we do, have some questions or would like to conncet with us in some initiatives - let us know and will try to find a way to cooperate.


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