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Rules for participation in Events organized by a non-profit organization

KIDCham - Kids Chamber of Crafts and Commerce, and other participation in its activities

Basic provisions

The Kids Chamber of Crafts and Commerce, well, (the “Organizer”) is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping children link academic education with financial education.

The organizer creates scientific workshops and children's trade fairs, which serve as a space for gaining practical experience and learning while trying out various business ideas in a playful environment (hereinafter "Event").

During the lessons, the organizer uses video recordings, which record the necessary activities and then brings his know-how to each interested child and his legal representative, or. another responsible person. The organizer also publishes materials that help children orient themselves in the field of business, real estate and related documentation.

The Organizer's mission is to create a positive experience, a positive memory - which encourages children and gives them hope for future efforts in the financial world. As his approach is focused on children, the needs and wishes of the participating children are the highest priority for the Organizer. It seeks to eliminate the element of fear of failure by streamlining the process and expanding experience and knowledge.

The goal of the Organizer is to help children connect academic education with financial education in a creative, sustainable and systematic way. With the right education and training, a child is more likely to reach their full potential and do exactly what they think is right.

As follows from the activities, mission and goals of the Organizer, as well as the nature of his Event, they are organized for children. A minor child is not entitled to acquire rights and assume full obligations through his or her own legal acts. Therefore, the child must always be accompanied at the Events by at least one of his / her legal representatives in accordance with the relevant provisions of Act no. 36/2005 Coll. on the Family and on Amendments to Certain Acts, as amended. Another person may accompany the child at the Event only with the prior consent of the Organizer.

For the purposes of these Rules for Participation in Events Organized by the Organizer and other participation in its activities (hereinafter referred to as the “Rules”), the legal representative and another person approved by the Organizer accompanying the child to the Events will be referred to as the “Responsible Person”).

The legal relationship between the Responsible Person and the Organizer is established by sending a duly completed application in the form of an electronic form located on the Organizer's website and paying a fee for participation in the Event in which the child is to participate (hereinafter "Application").

Before sending the Application, the person interested in sending it is obliged to get acquainted with these Rules.

By delivering a duly completed Application to the Organizer, it is considered binding. The fee, or part of the fee for participation in the Event in which the child is to participate, paid as part of the submission of the Application, will not be refunded.

Rights and obligations of the Responsible Person

The responsible person is obliged to:

bring the child to the Event in which the child is to attend;

to accompany the child to the Event, unless otherwise stated in the notice of a specific Event;

after the end of the Event, the child is picked up at the venue of the Event;

ensure that the child carries an insurance card during the Event in which he or she participates;

in case of any violation of the Organizer's instructions by the child, pick up the child immediately upon request;

to compensate for any damage caused by the child during the Event in which he / she participated;

to pay all damages incurred by the Organizer in connection with the submission of false and / or incomplete information in the Application;

continuously check the announcements published on the Organizer's website.

The responsible person is entitled to:

be informed of any changes in the program, time, venue of the Event and the amount of the fee for participation in the Event.

Rights and obligations of the Organizer

The organizer is obliged to:

provide the Responsible Person upon request with information on the program, time and venue of the Event;

post any changes to the time, program or venue of the Event on its website.

The organizer is entitled to:

not to accept the Application due to the exhaustion of the capacity of the Event;

change the program, time and place of the Event;

not to admit a child to the Event in case of:

breach of any or all of the obligations set out in the Rules,

that the child will be in poor health;

return the child from the Event to the parent at the parent's expense in case of:

breach of any or all of the obligations set out in this application,

that the child will be in poor health,

prematurely terminate the child's participation in the Event, in case of serious offenses (smoking, consumption of alcoholic beverages and narcotics, non-compliance with the organizer's instructions, refusal to participate in the established program, theft, etc.);

cancel Event due to force majeure, political events, extreme weather events, quarantine, equipment failure, etc.

Processing of personal data

The organizer is the operator of all information systems in which the personal data of the persons concerned are processed:

children and their Responsible Persons;

contractual partners and suppliers,

which it processes in accordance with the relevant legislation.

The organizer proceeds with the processing of personal data in accordance with the relevant legislation of the Slovak Republic and the legislation of the European Union, taking maximum care to protect the privacy of the persons concerned and the protection of their personal data, which it processes.

Processing of obtained and provided personal data is a necessary part of the Organizer's activities. Without the processing of personal data, the data subjects would not be able to provide their services to the required extent and fulfill the obligations contained in specific legislation.

Basis for the processing of personal data

The current legislation allows the Organizer to process personal data on the basis of several legal bases. The processing of personal data takes place mainly on the basis of a legal regulation (ie also without the consent of the data subject) or on the basis of the consent of the data subject.

The processing of personal data on the basis of a legal regulation means that the Organizer may process personal data for the purposes of performing its activities and fulfilling its obligations even without the consent of the person concerned. The basis for such processing of personal data is the relevant legislation relating to its activities.

If there is no legal reason to process personal data without the consent of the person concerned, the Organizer will process his personal data only with the consent of him.

Personal data may also be processed by third parties, provided that this is necessary for the fulfillment of the Organizer's obligation to the persons concerned, for the provision of its services or for the fulfillment of obligations under special legal regulations. When choosing these partners, the Organizer always makes sure that a high standard of personal data protection is guaranteed.

Recipients of personal data processed by the Operator can be divided into the following categories:

business partners providing physical and program service of the Organizer's information technologies, in particular information systems, computer programs and servers, necessary for the performance of its activities;

business partners providing services in the field of advertising and marketing of the Organizer;

business partners ensuring the fulfillment of the Organizer's obligations in the field of legal services, human resources, taxes, audit and accounting;

registration authorities in the performance of the Organizer's activities;

public administration bodies, in cases where the Organizer is obliged to provide personal data from a generally binding legal regulation or decision of a public administration body (especially courts, bodies active in criminal proceedings, executors).

The personal data of the data subject may be processed in countries of the European Union and countries which are parties to the Agreement on the European Economic Area. The transfer of personal data can only take place in third countries whose legal regime is considered by the European Commission to ensure an adequate level of protection of personal data.

The organizer processes personal data manually or using electronic systems. The controller has taken all necessary measures, not only of a technical or personal and control nature, in order to keep the level of personal data protection as high as possible.

The affected person has the right to the Organizer:

request access to your personal data;

to rectify or erase or limit the processing of your personal data;

object to the processing of your personal data;

for the portability of your personal data;

to submit a complaint or a proposal to initiate proceedings to the supervisory body, which is the Office for Personal Data Protection of the Slovak Republic;

withdraw your consent to the processing of personal data at any time.

Any questions related to the protection of his personal data may be sent by the person concerned by email: [X] or directly to the address of the Organizer's registered office.

The organizer is obliged to notify the data subject without undue delay of a personal data breach, if such a breach of personal data protection may lead to a high risk to the rights of the data subject.

The operator hereby provides information on the responsible person. The responsible person is the company Vojčík & Privacy sro, with its registered office at: Rázusova 28, 040 01 Košice, ID number: 36 827 410, registered in the Commercial Register of the District Court of Košice I, department: Ltd., file no .: 22270 / V, contact details - email:

Liability and common provisions

The organizer is not responsible for pocket money, personal belongings, the child's valuables or the loss of other belongings.

The responsible persons declare that all goods and products that their children will offer at the Event meet all the necessary hygienic standards valid in the territory of the Slovak Republic.

The Participants hereby acknowledge that the consumption or use of the goods and products offered at the Events is at their own risk. The organizer is not responsible for any damage caused by the consumption or use of goods or products that do not meet the necessary hygiene standards.

The responsible person declares that he is entitled to register the child for the Event, got acquainted in detail with the content of the Event, understood the wording of the application for the Event and sends it as a sign of consent to all conditions specified in the Application and Rules.

The responsible person declares that:

the child does not show signs of an acute illness and that neither the regional public health authority nor the general child health care physician or his or her child has ordered a quarantine measure (quarantine, increased health surveillance or medical supervision);

the child has acquired basic hygiene habits;

the child has not recently contracted an infectious disease;

neither the child nor any person living with him or her in the household has come into contact with persons who have contracted a communicable disease (eg diarrhea, sore throat, viral hepatitis, meningitis, fever with rash) during the last month before the Event; other).

In the event of a false declaration pursuant to these Rules, the Responsible Person commits an offense pursuant to the provisions of Section 56 of Act no. 355/2007 Coll. on the protection, promotion and development of public health and on the amendment of certain laws as amended.

The Responsible Person acknowledges that upon discovery of any of the information provided by him, the child will be excluded from the Event and at his expense issued to the Responsible Person without the right to a refund of any financial amount.

The responsible person undertakes to immediately compensate the Organizer for any damage incurred by the Organizer in connection with the making of a false statement in the Application, or any other violation of the Rules.

The responsible person hereby confirms that the child registered by him / her is medically fit to stay in the team and may participate in the Event, in particular that the child's health condition does not require any restrictions or actions by the Organizer.

Teaching materials published on the Organizer's website or presented at the Events:

they are exclusively of an informative and educational nature, which is not binding and is intended only to illustrate the principles and nature of economic rules, financial products and their application; at the same time

they are not expert advice provided by experts on a specific situation on the basis of the provision of all relevant documents for a given case.

Therefore, the organizer is not responsible for any damage caused by the proceedings, respectively. by not acting on the basis of information that is the content of any teaching material published on the Organizer's website or presented at the Event.

Final provisions

The legal relationship between the Organizer and the participants of the Event (children and Responsible Persons) is governed in its entirety by these Rules and generally binding legal regulations valid and effective in the Slovak Republic, in particular Act no. 40/1964 Coll. Civil Code as amended.

If any provision of the Rules is invalid, ineffective or unenforceable, the other provisions of the Rules remain in force and effect.

In addition to the Application, any documents and other consignments must be delivered by the Responsible Person to the Organizer, delivered in person or by registered mail, courier company to the Organizer's registered office or by e-mail to: Rázusova 13, Košice, 04001, Slovakia.

By submitting the Application, the responsible person declares that he has read these Rules, that he understands them, agrees with them and undertakes to follow them.

The Organizer has the right to unilaterally change or amend these Rules at any time. The amended Rules shall enter into force on the day of publication on the Organizer's website.

The business conditions were prepared by the Organizer and are valid and effective from 02.12.2019.

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